First Consultation

  • First Consultation takes on average 90 minutes. This time goes by quickly!
  • We will have a chat about how I can help you and what you want to address.
  • There will be questions regarding your previous medical history as well as current health.
  • We will discuss your diet and lifestyle.
  • In some cases, where appropriate, a physical examination will be carried out. For example; checking pulse, taking blood pressure, looking at the skin, nails, into your ears, listening to your lungs.
  • The aim of this first consultation is to work together to establish a treatment plan going forward.
  • Feel free to ask questions whenever you like, this is your time.


Follow-up Consultations

  • Follow-up consultations take on average 30 to 60 minutes, in line with your treatment plan.

Can’t Get to the Clinic? Don’t worry Skype and WhatsApp Consultations are available

  • Getting to the clinic may not be always viable for you, therefore, face to face consultations using Skype, WhatsApp and even FaceTime are available.

Legal requirements and Safety

  • An initial face-to-face consultation is legally required to give a herbal prescription.
  • Qualified Medical Herbalists are licensed to obtain and dispense herbal medicines which are of the purest quality and medical highest strengths.
  • There are some herbs that are only available by prescription from a Medical Herbalist.
  • Qualified Medical Herbalists are able to source and dispense practitioner quality supplements.
  • You are subject to the same confidentiality as with your Doctor.
  • Qualified Medical Herbalist are trained in drug-herb interaction and chose herbs which you can take in conjunction with other medications, sensitives, allergies, or other circumstances which you may have.
  • Part of your safety, is monitoring your progress as well as adjusting your prescription in response to your progress or change of circumstances.