Patient Focused

I believe that you, the patient, are the expert in how you feel and my job is to listen carefully so that I can begin to piece together what is going on, then apply my knowledge and experience to help you.  Everyone is different, so this means people need individualised bespoke treatments for best outcomes.

Empowering Others

Wellness is more than the absence of ill-health, it is a personal journey and state of mind which must be cultivated from within.  To do this, I share my knowledge and experience, offering guidelines, enabling tools and advice. Together, with some willingness and commitment, positive changes will happen! 

Holistic Approach

To treat someone holistically, I need to take into account what is going on physically as well as unique needs, circumstances, goals and support that are already in place.  Then I can give the best advice and support to you on your journey to optimum health and a balanced lifestyle.

Quality Medicines

I use the best quality and medical-grade herbal medicines.  Sustainability is also of crucial importance therefore I source my herbal medicines and supplements from reputable manufactures who maintain consistent quality standards.

Code of Ethics

I am a member of NIMH and follow their Code of Ethics

What is NIMH?

The National Association of Medical Herbalists was established in Britain in 1864 and was renamed in 1945 to NIMH.

Today, NIMH registered Western Medical Herbalists combine the latest scientific research with historical knowledge.  Their four year training includes biomedical, pharmacy, botany, material medica (herbal therapeutic applications, safety and interactions), making herbal medicine, plant identification, medical sciences, clinical sciences, diagnostic and differential diagnostic skills, nutrition, toxicology and pharmacology.  They must also complete a minimum of 500 supervised clinical hours, in which they are given extensive practical application. For more information see –