High Blood Pressure and Kidney infections in pregnancy

Having had high blood pressure and constant kidney infections prior to my pregnancy, I wanted to try a kinder alternative way to handling both conditions on finding out our good news; as I was afraid of the amount of medication I was on would affect my Baby.  So after heavily researching, I decided to try the alternative herbal medicine route.

And so glad I did! To be honest I couldn’t believe the huge difference it has made to my life then and now!  I am on less than half my blood pressure meds than before, which I still have checked and maintained by my G.P.  Also I have had no full blown kidney infections since starting on the herbal tea prescription that was especially made up for me, which I haven’t experienced in years.

I won’t be giving up this way of treatment! Extremely impressed!

R Watson ( Navan)


From the age of 10 weeks there is little on the market to treat new born babies for colic and high temperatures, so I went to Fiona who recommended the most wonderful way to treat both of the conditions – through a herbal tea bath.  It worked instantly in reliving the baby and aided the baby to have a wonderful sleep throughout the night! What I loved about it also was that it was such a gentle treatment for the baby.  I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to all my friends and acquaintances for little ones!

F MacKenzie (Navan)


I tried lots of different products, over the counter stuff and medication from the doctor, for my acne which was on my face and a bit on my body.  I went along to try herbal medicine, as kind of a last resort as nothing seemed to be really working for me.  After my first consultation, I was given a tincture to take three times a day and a cream.  After the first week I started to see results, my skin started to clear. I no longer take the medication the doctor gave me and while it’s going to still take a bit of time, my skin is looking the best I have had in ages.   I’m 19 now and have a new confidence.  It’s really great and herbal medicine really does work!

N Gannon (Finglas)


After trying all sorts of medication to try relieve colic, we decided to give herbal medicine a try.  I was a little apprehensive at first but Fiona put us totally at ease.  She initially took a detailed history of the situation and prescribed a preparation for our daughter.  She explained the various functions of each component and gave us detailed instruction on its use.  We are thrilled with the results and see a huge improvement.  For a non-invasive, natural, all-in-one remedy, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It’s easy to use and relieves all her systems.

A May (West Dublin)

Anxiety Attacks

I am a 38 year old female who began suffering from anxiety about six months ago.  I was very reluctant to use prescribed medication at the time.  I was delighted to discover an alternative in the use of a herbal remedy and counselling.   I have made steady progress towards my recovery since then.

 The remedy seems to work as a form of soothing for the nervous system and definitely takes the edge off the physical symptoms.  The counselling helps to clarify the triggers that cause the anxiety.

Fiona’s approach is very relaxed but professional.  I loved the fact that she had the expertise to tailor a remedy specific to my needs.  I am gaining confidence now and feel I’m getting back on track.

S  Duffy (Lucan)


Having lived with psoriasis in various degrees for most of my life, I was reluctant to try yet another treatment.  However, after a severe flare up post pregnancy, I contact Gannon Herbal Practice for a consultation.  I’m thrilled with the results! I’ve achieved without resorting to steroid treatment.  Fiona offered great support and advice throughout and the aftercare is second to none.  I’d recommend this treatment without hesitation.

N Lyons (Lucan)