How I can help you
Whether you have a health problem or you want to improve your overall wellbeing, I can help.
Herbal medicine can help you. People of all ages, from newborn to the elderly can benefit from herbal medician through every stage of life including pregnancy.
Natural medicine can treat and manage a wide variety of conditions. It is generally safe and works well with the body’s natural defence system. Natural medicine has been used to treat or alleviate virtually every possible medical condition.
Fiona Gannon, BSc(Hons)HM, PgCert Counselling, MSc Imm. & GH, MNIMH

Your Trusted Herbalist in Dublin

I qualified as a Medical Herbalist from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2007. Then I went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling Studies from Edinburgh University in 2009. When I came back to Ireland and began to take patients, I began to see a lot of people with immune conditions and chronic illness. This sparked a deeper interest in the immune system so I went to do my Masters in Immunology and Global Health in NUI Maynooth and graduated in 2014. I am still very active studying in various health related fields such as Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Hormonal health.

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Qualified to help you

I am a full member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), and comply with their strict codes of ethics and conduct.  To find out more about NIMH, please click below


Helping patients in every corner of the world

I provide a full spectrum, holistic, scientific evidence-based approach to my patients health problems.   Drawing on my extensive knowledge and experience, I provide in-depth insights into underlying health problems, the root cause of the matter, in a friendly and relaxed way.

Are you feeling tired? experience chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, continual tiredness?