Immune Deficiency Disorders (IDD)

Immune Deficiency Disorders (IDD)

When the immune system misses one or more parts, then an immune deficiency disorder can occur.  This can be inherited but it can also be acquired through drug side effects or infections.  Temporary IDD can develop for multiple reasons for example in the wake of a common cold, virus or infection. Immune responses can be depressed due to malnutrition, smoking, stress, blood transfusions or surgery.  Others are born with immune systems that poorly function such as having flaws in their immune systems or born with their thymus small, missing or abnormal.

Immune Deficiency Disorders Treatment


Herbs can be very effective in treating and managing IDD in the wake of the common cold to viruses or infections as well as depressed immune responses.  Often the approach is to help the immune initial to fight any infection or alleviate whatever is depressing the immune system.  Once that is dealt with then herbs and diet are used to repair and restore.  This multiple layer approach goes in line with the conditions.

How long is the Average Treatment?

It is difficult to determine how long it will take any individual to start seeing results, it usually depends on the following:

  •     How you react to herbs
  •     Your compliance to taking the herbs and making the recommended changes 
  •     How long you have had the condition 
  •     The severity of the condition 

What you need to do?

Please be prepared that it takes time for the herbs to work. Herbal medicine does not work like pharmaceutical drugs.  They often require some time, especially as they tend to work gently and subtly.  This is not a quick fix.   

Please be willing to work with me, take the medication as prescribed and make the changes which are attainable as well as practical.

How I will help you

 Make a treatment plan by creating short term and long terms goals

Identify areas in your life that may be negatively impacting your health.

Give you practical and attainable changes, with lots of support along the way.

Emotional Support along this journey, helping you to help keep on track.